About The Blog
Pink Puddle Lane was born out of a desire to record and share all that makes up a life that is well-lived. There is so much to wonder about, so much to discover, so much beauty to behold, and I believe the loveliest way to take it all in is as a family who loves to explore together. The greatest gift we can give our children is the security that comes from a childhood marked by strong family bonds. And what better way to form those bonds than to learn together as we enjoy all the goodness that surrounds us.

Playing outside one day, my sweet little ones discovered that if you mix one part sidewalk chalk with one part rain puddle, you get a colored puddle. I can’t think of anything more fun for a kid (or their mom) than colored puddles – especially pink ones! That day, I decided that we will forever live on Pink Puddle Lane – a place where we fully enjoy good things. The picture is of one of their colored puddles. The heart appeared on its own.

About Me
Hi! I’m Carol, or Cah-loe, as my youngest calls me. I am a mom who endlessly loves her children and their daddy, and I am so grateful for the gift of being able to stay home, so I can fully enjoy life with them. There are lots of things in life that I love, things that I consider good gifts. Here are a few of my favorites: lazy days spent in my pajamas, hot tea in my favorite mug, the serenity of a morning spent alone, traveling, reading on my nook, singing songs of praise in my car (where I most definitely sound fabulous), and spending time with my little family.

I hope you enjoy your time on Pink Puddle Lane. Please stop by anytime – we’re always here.

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  1. Girl!!!! I so almost called you this morning for some affirmation regarding my housekeeping. Then I thought through what the truth was and I decided it sounded right so I went in that direction. :) How empowering it is to choose truth on your own, without having to hear someone else tell it to you, though you, my friend, always do it so graciously ;). And then reading your blog just now I'm thinking, Amen Sister! I don't need anyone to tell me I'm okay anyway.

    Man, your blog post has me written all over it. No wonder we're such good friends! And I love the quote ". . . the "self" we will be losing is only the shadowy image composed of our fears and self-imposed limitations."

    I'm smiling on the inside for you - happy for you living out the real you. You're a really neat girl and super friend. Not that you needed to hear that. ;)

    I need to come see you and the girls soon. I'll be over your way evenings this week and next.

    Love, AA