August 06, 2012

Perfect Cherry Tea

So I have been loving Celestial Seasonings' Cherry Berry Tea ever since I went on their tour back in June. I'd never really been a fan of fruity teas, but I guess my tastebuds decided to expand their horizons, because I fell in love with both cherry and peach flavored teas. As in I drink at least one of them every. single. day. So it was a sad day when I recently opened my lovely little tea drawer, only to discover my cherry tea's dedicated little space was empty! Gasp! Single tear! What's a girl to do? Oh the drama - I seriously have a one-minute drive to the closest grocery store, but I was not in the mood for dragging two unwilling kids to the car, pushing them around said store in a ridiculously gigantic green monster of a shopping cart, listening to a bajillion questions of, "Can we get it? Can we? Please please please? Whine whine whine..." Now, really my girls are the greatest daughters a mom could want, and I love them with all my heart, but sometimes you just are not in the mood for the grocery store with kids for just one teensy thing, right? Well, also not in the mood to do without, I was determined to make an acceptable substitute. SO...I made myself a cup of PG Tips black tea, put in 4-5 frozen sweet cherries I happened to have in my freezer, let it sit for about 8 minutes {or maybe it was 93 minutes? Have I mentioned I have ADD? No, really, I do.}, stirred in a bit of stevia, was so good! I liked my creation even better than Celestial Seasonings'. And with things like "other natural flavors" and soy in their ingredient list, I think I'll stick with my version.
In a nutshell:
  • Make tea
  • Add a few frozen cherries
  • Stir in sweetener of choice
  • Allow to steep until cherry flavor fully infuses tea
Enjoy your cuppa!

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