August 04, 2012

Foam Soap Hack

Lots of us love foamy hand soap, right? I pretty much think it's the greatest invention ever, since my girls can wash their bacteria-ridden sweet little hands, without getting soap drippings all over the counter. {Unless they decide to have playtime in the bathroom. In which case all bets are off, and who knows where water and soap of any kind will end up. Keepin' it real, here!} I also love that the bottle doesn't end up all slimy and gross. Honestly, I find the foam completely entertaining, and I would totally still use it even if I didn't have kids.

As much as I like it, though, it's kind of expensive. Want to know a little trick? When you're foamy bottle is empty, refill it with a tablespoon of regular liquid soap, {slowly} add water leaving a bit of room at the top, replace pump, shake, and voila! You have just refilled your foamy bottle with a tablespoon of soap, people! You like? Do you have any money-saving tips and tricks to share?

P.S. Method has no idea I exist, and I hope I don't go to jail for using their picture. I just really like their soap. I linked it to their site. Go buy it. The end.

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