June 18, 2012

I Love Colorado!

Over the past thirteen years, I have spent quite a bit of time in Colorado. I spent my first summer there after my freshman year of college, and there is a part of me that never left. The place has made quite an impact on me, and I always have a hard time leaving. I have had experiences in Colorado that have forever impacted my heart and changed my life for the better. For me, Colorado is wonderful memories, amazing beauty, an active and healthy culture, friends and family, an undeniable peace that surrounds and fills me when I’m there. For me, Colorado is home. I live somewhere else, but that just means I have a great place to visit. I’ve actually just been there.
The girls spent the first week of summer break home with Daddy, and I got to head to Colorado for a wonderful time away. A few people were surprised that I was able to get away, but Rory and I have always been good at giving each other space and a break when we need it. This just happened to be a big one that my sweet husband was willing to help with. Over the years, I’ve actually found that traveling alone is very refreshing for me. Put me on a plane, and life is good! While I was there, I spent time relaxing with family, enjoying the beautiful scenery, picking and eating fresh cherries from my aunt’s back yard, and loving the mommy-break! My aunt and I went to Celestial Seasonings in Boulder, where we saw first-hand how their tea is processed and sent out. It was really neat to get behind-the-scenes of my favorite type of drink, and it wasn’t too shabby getting to try every single tea they make, either!

Another special memory from this trip was celebrating my 32nd birthday with my Colorado family, including my 91-year-old grandmother. She is a very special lady, and if you didn’t know her well, you would have no idea that she is 91. She has a great sense of humor, and she still thinks old people are boring! I would love to be as young as she is at 91!

My time away was wonderful, though I’m happy to be back with my hubby and kids. I am so blessed to have a husband who is a great dad and who is okay with me getting away when I need a break. My trip made for a great transition into summer and beyond!

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