March 22, 2012

Wonderful Memories

Today is the day. It's been exactly one year since my dad passed away. I wondered how I would feel today. I'm still not sure, really. I don't feel overly sad or depressed or any of those not-so-fun emotions. I don't feel super-happy, either. I just really miss him. He had his flaws, but who doesn't? If you really knew my dad, you knew he had a heart of pure gold. He could talk to anyone, and he was always willing to help people in any way he could. Need help understanding the Bible? He was truly a scholar, and how I miss our conversations about the Bible and life with Jesus! Need your car worked on or your air conditioner fixed? He could do that. Need someone to talk to as a friend + mentor + counselor? My dad filled that role for so many people during his life. People who are still grateful for the impact he had on their lives.
For our last Christmas together in 2010, I made my dad a list of all of the wonderful memories I could think of that we had shared. I haven't looked at that precious list for awhile, so I thought I would share it here. As I type our sweet memories, I'll be imagining I'm sitting with my daddy at Barnes & Noble, drinking coffee together. We shared many conversations there, and I still think of him every time I walk in. I'm certain there must be coffee in Heaven!
  • As a little girl, going to the edge of the river together and feeling how very cold the water was.
  • Wrestling when I was kid
  • Our pretend wedding. (We actually had a whole ceremony, where I married my daddy.)
  • Playing uno so many nights
  • Daddy/daughter days
  • Making bets about silly things - would it rain today? The winner always got some sort of prize.
  • Sitting on your lap, driving the car down the dirt road we lived on for awhile.
  • Teaching me how to ride my bike.
  • Reading to me, doing funny voices for the characters & saying the wrong words to make me laugh.
  • The song you made up for me, It's Time For Our Two Words.
  • Playing baseball in our front yard.
  • Putting up my basketball goal.
  • Playing catch with my ball & glove.
  • Walking in "Grandma's Woods" behind her house, showing me the huge boulder you played on when you were a kid.
  • Making my multiple trophy-winning AWANA Grand Prix cars together.
  • Painting rooms together.
  • Reading me The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.
  • Singing The Bear Went Over the Mountain.
  • Listening to your stories from your past - ALL of them!
  • Teaching me to drive a stick shift.
  • You singing On the Road Again when we on the road moving.
  • Listening to oldies in the car.
  • Getting together for coffee breaks & lunches.
  • All of our conversations about the Bible.
  • In bed, with you and mom one morning, purposefully bothering you. You said, "What is this, pick-on-dad day?" I said "yes", and the sun has never set on pick-on-dad day (although Rory gets most of it now).
  • All of our Christmas Eves - candles, Christmas Carols, always a special Christmas spread on the table, you reading the Christmas story & getting to choose just one present to open before the big day.
  • You performing our wedding, along with Rory's mom.
  • You in your blue shorts and tall tube socks. Ha!
  • Watching Father of the Bride as a family & laughing at how alike you and the father from the movie were.

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